What Products and Services Does Ising’s Culligan Provide?

What Products and Services Does Ising's Culligan Provide?

Hi, I’m Jay with Ising’s Culligan Water. Today, I’m here to discuss with you the different services and products the Ising’s Culligan Water provides.

Our second area of service is product sales for residential and commercial industrial. Product sales range from residential areas of water softening, whole-house treatment and filtration systems, and drinking water systems. Residential filtration systems consist of water softeners, depth filters, iron filters, and carbon filtration. We also provide and sell reverse osmosis systems for drinking water under your sink at your household. Therefore, you can now have bottled water quality at your tap. In the commercial industrial realm, there are additional products that we provide, such as deionized water, UV disinfection, chemical disinfection, and some micron filtration.

Our third area that we provide service on is service itself. We provide service to commercial, industrial, and residential on all water treatment filtration systems and water drinking systems, reverse osmosis. Our service technicians are all certified by Culligan and have the brand that stands behind us to provide you, the customer, the utmost service. Our service technicians are available 24 hours a day on emergency call.

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