What are the different filters in the Culligan Aqua-Cleer Reverse Osmosis System?

What are the different filters in the Culligan Aqua-Cleer Reverse Osmosis System>

Hi, my name is Bill with Ising’s Culligan Water. In today’s video, we’re going to discuss the differences in filters for the Aqua-Cleer reverse osmosis system.

The Aqua-Cleer reverse osmosis system initially comes with two filters, a membrane and a polishing filter. The first filter is a 5-micron sediment filter. What it does is it removes any sediment down to five microns before it goes into the next filter, which is a carbon block filter. This filter removes chlorine, odor and taste and certain other contaminants. There is also, besides a carbon block, a GAC filter for it, which removes additional contaminants, usually on wells or problem water. The third piece here is the membrane. These two filters are designed to protect the membrane from contaminates. What the membrane does is, as the incoming water comes in, it separates it. It sends all the garbage it pulls out of the water down the drain, sends all the good water into a holding tank. Also, on the system, there is additional cartridges you can put in. One of them is a Total Defense Cartridge. A Total Defense Cartridge goes in after the membrane, and what it does is it filters and separates possibly more contaminants from the water out before it goes into the holding tank.

Also, due to the fact that a reverse osmosis system will remove a lot of minerals, the Mineral Boost cartridge is designed to add beneficial minerals back into the water, due to the fact that the reverse osmosis membrane removes 95% of the minerals out of the water.

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