What are the differences between a salt free conditioner and water softener?

What are the differences between a salt free conditioner and water softener

Hi. I’m Jay with Ising’s Culligan Water. Today, I’m here to discuss the differences between a salt-free conditioner and a water softener.

The main difference between a salt-free conditioner and a water softener is simple. A water softener removes hardness; salt-free conditioners do not. Salt-free conditioners merely help prevent scaling. They do not 100% eliminate it. As for a water softener, a water softener does remove almost 100% of water hardness depending on the initial hardness the water is to begin with. Additionally, with salt-free conditioners, the resin media inside of the conditioning tank is only good for so long.

In other words, unless you want to run an exact analysis on your water and run the mathematical equation to figure how long that resin is going to last, the resin does need replaced every two to five years depending on water quality. Therefore, in that case, you’re buying a new conditioner every two to five years. With the water softener though, the resin can be regenerated; therefore, it can last much longer. With a water softener, in addition to saving on cost, you’re also going to make the longevity of your products last longer because you are eliminating 100% of the hardness as opposed to a salt-free conditioner.

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