What Are The Benefits of A Culligan Reverse Osmosis System?

What Are The Benefits of A Culligan Reverse Osmosis System?

Hi, I’m Jay with Ising’s Culligan Water, and I’m back today to speak with you about the benefits of a reverse osmosis.

Plain and simple, reverse osmosis contain fewer contaminants, no parasites, and no bacteria. Reverse osmosis systems are composed of multiple filters, typically a carbon, a sediment, followed by a membrane, and lastly, some sort of post filter. In Ising’s Culligan and Culligan Water ROs, that is a post-carbon filter. The carbon filter is a filter that is specific for removing the taste and odor out of the water. The sediment is exactly what it says, for sediment and debris. The membrane is what is responsible to remove all contaminants and minerals, block solids, and prominent microbes passing through in the water itself.

There are multiple health factors that relate to drinking reverse osmosis water. For instance, ROs remove calcium. Calcium deposits can affect our skin in a negative manner. RO water also removes compounds such as phosphates, leads, arsenic, fluoride, cyanide, ammonia, and chloride. These problems contribute to organ complication, eye problems, and reproductive issues. ROs can also filter out parasites in the form of Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Cryptosporidium affects our small intestines. Giardia affects our GI tracts. Some of the effects we see from these are cramps, fever, and diarrhea. Giardia though can even equate to death in small children if left untreated. It has been said that RO water is even better for cancer patients to drink. At most times, cancer patients, specifically those undergoing radiation therapy, already have a broke down immune system. Broken down immune systems can lead to several health issues, so drinking RO water does not contain anything harmful in it, and would be a safer option for cancer patients.

The FDA does have regulations that cover all municipalities in regards to mineral and compound content that comprises the water. The minerals and compounds cannot exceed certain levels in every drinking water composition. The FDA actually recommends that lead have no presence in drinking water at all. A presence of lead in the drinking water can actually lead to nerve and muscle damage, brain damage, developmental issues, blood pressure issues, and fertility issues.

I hope you found this video useful today and some of the health benefits revolving around reverse osmosis systems. If you found this helpful or if you have any other questions, please contact us directly at 925-447-3717 or leave a comment below. If you liked this video and want to receive releases of our new videos, please don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button below. Thank you, and see you next video.

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