Is Hard Or Soft Water Better For Your Skin? Everything You Need To Know

Is Hard Or Soft Water Better For Your Skin

Wondering whether hard or soft water is better for your skin? Find out how hard water affects your skin care routine now, and make sure you have the water softening products you need from Ising’s Culligan Water!

Hard Water Is Tough On Your Skin & Interferes With Hygiene Products

Hard water is full of minerals that tend to strip away moisture from your skin, which is never a good thing. If you find that you have to moisturize frequently – even immediately after you get out of the shower – hard water may be part of the issue.

In addition, hard water tends to form a filmy “scum” layer when minerals like calcium and magnesium react with soap. This can clog the pores, which may lead to issues like acne and eczema. It also may leave your skin feeling filmy and sticky after you get out of the shower.

Soft Water Is Better For Your Skin

Soft water is water that has been treated to remove “hard” minerals like calcium and magnesium. It’s much better for your skin, since it does not contain minerals that strip away moisture, and it won’t form soap scum or block your pores. If you’re serious about skincare, soft water is a must-have!

Is My Water Too Hard? Signs You’ll Recognize During Your Skin Care Routine

Not sure if you have hard water in your home? Here are a few easy-to-recognize signs that you may notice during your skin care routine.

  • Film that forms on your body or face after using soap and cleansers
  • Buildup of whitish material around the tap, shower head, or faucet
  • Frequent soap scum buildup in bathtubs, showers, and bathroom sinks
  • Weak water pressure or water that smells or tastes strange

If you notice these signs, you may need a water softener from Ising’s Culligan Water. Water softeners attach to your plumbing system and use a special design to completely eliminate “hard” minerals like calcium and magnesium – leaving you with better quality water and better skin, too!

Get A Water Softener For Better Skin!

Soft water tastes better, won’t leave residue in your pipes, and even helps you clean your skin and hair more effectively compared to hard water. So don’t put up with hard water any longer. Contact Ising’s Culligan Water today to explore our water softener solutions, and get the soft, pure, high-quality water you deserve.

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