How to change filters in Culligan’s Aqua Cleer Reverse Osmosis System

How to change filters in Culligan's Aqua Cleer Reverse Osmosis System

Hi, I’m Bill with Ising’s Culligan Water. In today’s video, we’re going to demonstrate how to change the filters in Culligan’s Aqua-Cleer Reverse Osmosis drinking water system.

First thing we’re going to do is shut off the holding tank. Simple quarter turn of the top valve will shut off the holding tank. Next thing you want to look for underneath there is a quarter-inch tube, goes into a valving system very similar to this, which is the supply line. You want to make sure your supply line is off. It will be across the tubing. If it’s in line with the tubing, it will not work. It will continue to produce water to this system, which could provide additional pressure and a leak. Once those are off, you turn on your faucet to bleed the pressure off. Once that’s done, it’s a simple matter to wrap the filter, twist, pull down, pull up. Take a new filter of the same type. Always make sure you do one filter at a time, do not get in a hurry. If you notice, on the top, there are two little posts with O-rings. They will only fit in one way, and then what you do is turn them, quarter turn. You will feel it snap into place. Once it snaps into place, it’s good.

And then you want to proceed to the next one. You always do them one at a time. Do not strip them all out at one time because you can put them accidentally in the wrong sequence, which can prevent the unit from not working. Quarter turn, there again, put the filter back up, quarter turn, and that’s it. Now, the additional filters would go in the fourth spot. Those filters, if you do not have them already, there will be a plug there. Plug, you take out the same way. They have the same type of top, but what it does, it’s just simply a bypass cartridge. Take it, put it back. Once all of that is done, you turn on your valve, then you open up the holding tank. Turn your faucet on and let it start producing water. If you have had to change your membrane, which is the third one, you want it to let it drip for at least 30 minutes to an hour into the sink. Once that’s done, turn the system back off and you’re going to be installing your post-filter.

It is on a little clip, usually next to the unit, and to change it, there is a ring on this. You push the tubing in, you hold the ring down, you pull the tubing out. Very simple, easy to do. Put the new one in, there is an arrow to show flow rate. Flow rate will always go towards the rounded end. The back is different. Always follow the arrow, make sure you do not install it backwards because it could clog up the filter. Once that’s done, if you’ve changed the membrane, once it’s dripped for about an hour, turn your system off, and it should pressurize your tank.

I hope you found this video helpful. If you have any follow-up questions, please leave them below or give us a call at 925-447-3717. If you liked this video and want to know when we release new videos, don’t forget to hit Subscribe. Thank you and see you in the next video.

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