How is Water Hardness Measured?

How is water hardness measured

Water hardness is the amount of dissolved magnesium or calcium in the water. Hard water contains a high percentage of dissolved minerals, whose effects can be seen or felt through soap scum on shower doors, build-up on plumbing fixtures, difficulty in producing lather, or the feeling of a film residue left on your hands after washing. Measuring the hardness of your home’s water can help you determine the kind of softener that will best suit your domestic needs.

Testing Water for Hardness

Depending on the primary source of water used in your home, you may be less or more likely to experience hard water problems. Well-water users are the most vulnerable to this water hardness issue. Fortunately, there are several ways to confirm water hardness, including:

Check with Your Supplier

If you get your household water from a city supplier and you suspect that it might be hard, it is best to contact them as the first step. You can get information about your area’s general water hardness levels from the annual reports on the supplier’s website.

However, it is essential to note that this information is often comprehensive and unlikely to tell you exactly how hard the water in your household is. To get this information, you have to conduct a water hardness test.

Test Your Home Water Supply

You can choose from the various home testing kits available in the market to determine the level of mineral concentration in your home’s water supply. You may also opt to work with a water treatment company like Ising’s Culligan Water, which offers you the benefit of getting accurate results, interpreting them, and advising you on the measures to take.

Upon determining the level of water hardness in your household, you can discuss the most appropriate solutions with your water treatment company.

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