Do I Need a Water Softener If I Have Whole House Water Filtration?

Do I need a water softener if I have whole house water filtration

Many homeowners are interested in making their water supply clean, safe for consumption, healthy to use and free of contaminants like toxic substances, bacteria, or other microorganisms. Another problem many homeowners are trying to get rid of is hard water, a high concentration of minerals in the tap water that can damage plumbing, appliances and affect the inhabitant’s health.

Luckily, technology allows us today to fight these issues through highly performant filtering systems that purify the water, separating it from contaminants, excess minerals and other foreign particles.

What Does a Whole House Filter Do?

Water filters can be installed to serve the entire house, so that you only receive and use water that went through the filtering system. Filters vary a lot in performance and function, as some of them perform better, or target certain types of debris.

Some of the best whole house water filters will only stop particles that are bigger than 30-50 microns. This will work wonders for most types of debris that could infiltrate in your water supply, but smaller magnesium and calcium particles could still go through.

What Does a Water Softener Do?

Water softeners use different types of technologies to separate the minerals from the water and to not let them end up in your plumbing system. The main purpose of a water softener is to get rid of calcium and magnesium, but some of them are able to clean up the water from traces of ammonia, chlorine and other substances as well.

Water softeners have evolved to technologies that don’t drain salt and brine in the sewer system, which has caused problems in the past. Our water softening solutions are designed to soften your water in an effective and eco-friendly way.

What Should You Get?

If you do, indeed, have a problem with hard water, which can be easily determined with a free at-home test, you will need a water softener. But if you are interested in eliminating any other particles that might infiltrate in your water supply, get a whole house water filtration system as well.

Having both solutions in your house will secure the water supply you and your family are using everyday, preventing health issues and other problems.

If you want to know more about water-purifying technologies, fill in the online contact form or call 925-447-3717. We at Ising’s Culligan Water are ready to offer the best solutions.

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