4 Water Quality Questions to Ask When Buying a New Home

The water quality in your future home can influence the quality of life quite a lot, including your budget and health. This is why, before buying a home, it’s important to find out if there are any issues you should know about, and how the previous owner dealt with them.

While you are inspecting the house and weight your decision, don’t forget to ask these 4 things about the water quality:

  1. Are There Water-Related Issues to Know About?

If the owner already identified some water issues, it’s important to assess what needs to be done for it, and how it will affect the price of the house or even your final decision. Most often, homeowners deal with having hard water, which can affect your appliances and your health.

  1. What Is the Source of the Water?

Knowing the source of the water can help you determine how much a water test is needed. We highly recommend doing one anyway, as you never know how water might get contaminated on its way to your house. If you already know that your water is sourced from a private well and not from a water plant, a test is necessary.

  1. Are There Water Treatments Already Applied?

If the owner is already using water treatments and filtering appliances, you want to know how old they are, what kind of system they are using, and how easy it is to maintain or upgrade. Some systems can easily be replaced, while others cost more to maintain or change.

  1. Where Can I Get the Water Tested?

A proper water test is always advisable before buying a house, as any needed interventions will add up to the costs. Testing the water is fast and easy, and it gives you a clear idea about the kind of issues you would have to deal with after the purchase.

If you want to test the quality of your water, employ a specialized company that understands all the technicalities and has the solutions for water problems. We at Ising’s Culligan Water are located in Livermore, CA, and perform free home water tests for your peace of mind.

In case you have hard water problems or contaminants are present, we provide sustainable, advanced filtering and softening solutions. Contact us online, or call us at 925-447-3717 and let us know if you need a remote assessment, a free home water test, or a filtering solution.

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