Are There Environmental Benefits To A Water Softener?

Are there environmental benefits to a water softener

Hard water can cause a lot of nuances in a home. While it’s not a health risk, it can cause some damage to hair and skin health long-term. But, the biggest problems hard water causes have to do with the health of your house.

From damaging pipes to kitchen appliances, washing machines, and even your water heater, hard water is just something a lot of homeowners want to address, and a water softener seems to be a good solution. But is it environmentally-friendly?

How a Water Softener Impacts the Environment

Water softeners have a regeneration process during which they flush the system clean, and seemingly waste the water because of this step. And water waste has a huge negative effect on the environment.

However, if you look at it closer, this argument doesn’t seem to hold up.

Soft water is much more efficient than hard water, which means the household will consume a lot less water than previously. In the long-run, water is actually saved thanks to the water softener.

Additionally, using soft water can also help keep your appliances functional for longer, which eliminates the need to buy new ones. The manufacturing and purchasing of these appliances can also take a toll on the environment, so using the ones you already have for as long as possible is ideal.

What about the Salt?

Water softeners require salt to create a brine solution that removes the hardness from the water (usually calcium and magnesium). The concern is that this salt will eventually end up in the water system and affect the environment.

And that has been a problem with water softeners, historically, but manufacturers are seeking to address it with more efficient systems that require very low amounts of salt. A Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener, for instance, only requires homeowners to add salt once, maybe twice a year, depending on the level of hardness their water is at.

Signing off

Softening your home’s water is in itself a big step towards creating a more environmentally-friendly household, and the right system can help drive your efforts home. The Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener is designed to assist homeowners on this path, and it’s patented technology makes this system 46% more efficient than other systems on the market.

We at Ising’s Culligan Water can help you get this system in your home. Get in touch with us now for more information.

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