5 Benefits Of Water Delivery Service In Your Office

5 Benefits Of Water Delivery Service In Your Office

Thinking about getting water delivery service in your office from Ising’s Culligan Water? Not sure if it’s really worth it? Let’s discuss the top 5 benefits that you and your employees can enjoy if you choose our water delivery service!

1. Enjoy Healthier Water Compared To Tap Water

Tap water is often full of contaminants like rust, microbes, and heavy metals. In contrast, water delivery from Ising’s Culligan Water is purified and treated to ensure that it’s completely free of contaminants. Every time you take a drink from the water cooler, you’ll know that you’re getting the healthiest, purest, and most delicious water available!

2. Save Time And Energy – No More Stocking Up On Bottled Water!

Tired of driving to the store to buy bottled water and stock up your break room? With water delivery service from Ising’s Culligan water, we bring the water you need right to your office. You and your team won’t have to worry about stocking up on water.

3. Water Delivery Service Is Surprisingly Affordable

Water delivery service from Ising’s Culligan water may actually be cheaper than buying 24-packs of bottled water at the store. We offer a wide variety of different water delivery plans that can be customized based on how much water your employees drink, your budget, and more!

4. Waste Fewer Plastic Bottles

More than 50 billion plastic water bottles are used by Americans each year, and only about 9% of these are recycled. So if you want to be more environmentally-conscious at your office, Ising’s Culligan Water can help. With our water delivery service, you won’t have to waste plastic bottles!

5. Keep Your Employees Hydrated And Healthy

Did you know that as many as 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated and don’t get enough water? It’s true! And failing to drink enough water can lead to fatigue, a weakened immune system, and a lot of other health issues.

So by providing your employees with a source of clean, pure water, you can encourage them to stay hydrated. This will keep them healthy and reduce sick days – and give them the energy they need to get through the day!

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Ready to get started, and provide your employees with the healthy, pure, delicious water they need? Just contact Ising’s Culligan Water online, or give us a call at 925-447-3717. We’re always standing by to provide you with the office water delivery services you need.

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